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A story of sisterhood, hope, collaboration and creativity. 

Ruby Chase & Roxanne Ruby met when they were 4 years old and immediately knew they were destined to create together. Their life long bond has been founded on crafting art that uplifts those who witness. It started with shows in their living room for the neighborhood, grew into a movement of "parties with a purpose" in downtown Los Angeles and has evolved (and refined) into the visions they share today. 

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In 2013, they founded Convergence, a production company, media house and record label.

The mission of using art as a tool to benefit consciousness attracted a team of amazing women who have been producing together ever since. 
In collaboration with creators from around the world, Convergence is a cauldron of creativity,

bringing together talent and insight from the minds of many to create something unique which is an expression of the collective. 

Lead by an inspired sisterhood, this company sets out to bring balance and true beauty into the entertainment scene. 

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