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WATCHTOWER Scholarship

Apply for a Scholarship by filling out this form.

We ask that only those that are truly in need apply.  

Thanks for submitting!


Social Media Scholarship Challenge

As a way of spreading the message of Watchtower, we have a social media challenge that will give you the chance to win a full scholarship for our weekend immersion.

Follow these steps and get an additional entry into the contest for completing each action. 

🤍 Join our Watchtower Community Telegram thread to connect with our sisterhood CLICK HERE 

🤍 Follow these accounts on IG and send us a direct message 


🤍 Make a Reel about your connection to Mary Magdalene and why you want to attend this event. 
Use your creativity and have fun! 
Tag #Watchtower @MaryMagdalene @loverofthegarden @convergencepresence @jennyroseheartsong

🤍 Share the fundraiser with your community!
(You can guarantee your seat by having people donate + put your name in the comment of their donation. $2k in contributions confirms your place!) 

Submissions due by September 29, 2023 
Two winners will be announced Oct 1, 2022


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